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  • Education is a right of every citizen. Whether a person decides to pursue traditional school (college education) or trade. Education is a right for every citizen. In congress, Chol will fight for reauthorizing Higher Education Act (HEA) so Pell Grant and Stafford loan programs continue to help pay for college education for struggling Americans. Codify Federal Student Loan Interest at 1% for affordability and accessibility.

  • K-12 Education: This is important to prepare our students so they can continue to compete on the world stage. Our literacy rate is even behind some developing nations. 54% of the United States adults aged 16-74 lack basic proficiency at the elementary level according to the United States Department of Education. We must increase funding for early childhood education such as Head Start. 

  • Support Decentralization of Pre-K: Finding a bipartisan effort to address this foundational initiative is important. Chol will support initiatives that prioritize neighborhood efforts for Pre-K education through public and private organizations. 

  • Amend Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF): to include parental engagement reports and accountability during application renewals for states. Many American children are being left behind partly because of a lack of parental engagement in schools. Many low-income Americans struggle to graduate high school and underperform in education. Parental engagement is key and lets us help our kids graduate prepared to go on to better things.

  • Trade and Vocational Training: Support for trade and vocational education through community colleges and union journeyman and apprentice programs to provide a skilled workforce ready to compete for good-paying jobs. Exposure to trade and vocational training as early as freshmen year in high school gives Americans career options. Chol will support the bipartisan Supporting Small Business and Career and Technical Education Act (H. R. 3366). Chol believes that whether traditional or nontraditional, education matters. Education is key and we need to do more to make it accessible to all populations not just to people who can afford it.