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  • Support modification of the Affordable Care Act (ACA): Continue to support what is working and seek bipartisan support to build on what we have started. ACA has come far, but we should help every citizen to get basic health insurance and help them get additional insurance as needed.

  • Pharmaceutical Drug Prices: Chol supports a plan where the government can negotiate prices directly with pharmaceutical companies and remove politics from drug prices so that people can afford the most needed medications. Regulate brand-name drug costs. Work with FDA to speed up alternative generics over brand name cost. Reduce the patent period from 20 years to 10 years so generic drugs can be developed sooner.

  • Mental Health: Mental health is a community issue. Mental health among minorities and rural Americans is a serious challenge to the future of America. The goal should be deinstitutionalizing treatment by empowering and strengthening community organizations to help with coping skills for individuals and families. Chol supports supplemental funding to transition from institutions to local organizations to have clinicians and mental health counselors help the recovery process for community members.

  • Research: Chol support research efforts so America continues to develop innovative medicine and better drugs for our aging population. America needs to be agile in pharmaceutical drug alternatives by investing in research strongly.

  • Sex Education: The majority of American teens are having sex before they reach 18 years old. Sex education is important so that young people can protect themselves from unwanted pregnancies and diseases.

  • Opioid Crisis: Substance abuse and drug overdose are a problem in our communities. Opioid and substance abuse continue to worsen health disparities. Build more inpatient rehabilitation centers in our country so we can help save lives. Acknowledge that the opioid crisis is a disease that affects communities not just individuals. Support and promote grassroots neighborhood peers' substance and opioid rehabilitation groups in the community.

  • The neighborhood counseling groups: know their people and they can get to them more quickly and help them to recover through support. Chol will support a policy that prioritizes neighborhood involvement in the war against opioid and substance crises. We must allocate sufficient resources to train neighborhood counselors to deal with opioid and substance abuse.