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Public Safety

  • Bridge to Police Force: Engages community members as early as the first year in high school. This initiative would help officers in uniform to recruit, train and retain excellence in talent, skills, and knowledge of the community they protect and serve. This initiative would also help Fire Departments across the nation to have talent pipelines.

  • Modernized Wellness: Police and firefighters experience tremendous trauma and stress daily to protect our American cities. We need enhanced access to mental wellness resources for officers and their families.

  • Ban military-style assault rifles and high-capacity magazines: Gun violence is taking too many Americans a year. 2021 was the deadliest with 45,222-gun-related deaths. Tighter gun regulations in America must take precedent. We need to remove the special legal status that gun manufacturers and sellers enjoy and save more American lives. Chol supports a ban on assault rifles like AR-15 in civilian life permanently except in the military.

  • Centralization of background checks: Centralize background checks so there are no loopholes for a buyer to purchase from one state to another. Only 31 states participate in centralized background checks. Amend Brady Act (1993) to have a mandatory waiting period to be applied to all states. Raise the age of gun ownership, must be 25 years old to own a recreational gun.

  • Chol would support a bipartisan agreement on the H.R.8 bill: When it comes back from Senate with an amendment or if it needs reintroduction. The bill establishes that a background check is done before private transfer. Chol would support HR 1446 when it comes back from Senate for reintroduction. The bill extends the number of days from three days to 10 days waiting period for a transfer by a federal firearm licensee.

  • Background Data: Chol would support long-term retention of data that carries background checks: Backgrounds retention of data will be kept for up to five years.