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  • Home Ownership: With a new build, more Americans would be able to afford their own homes and access the American dream. Homeownership provides stability to families, more children graduating and going to college, and solid career pathways. Chol will fight to fund housing agencies to help prepare more Americans’ own homes. Down Payments: Invest in down payment assistance for first-time homebuyers. Support allocation for resources to help low-income families with down payments for their first home. Home Ownership and availability can help reduce price gouging from corporations and predatory property owners.

  • Equitable regulatory housing policies: We need policies that would grant underwriting flexibilities for mortgages. Lending industries are too punitive to people, even to Americans who can afford to own homes. Because lending industries use antiquated policies, more Americans are forced to keep renting even if they can afford to own. More Americans would own homes and thrive by fighting discrimination against the low-income population, and ease of lending regulations, especially for minority communities that the system has historically disenfranchised from homeownership. Chol will support accountability policies in the allocation of housing dollars through strong mentoring and evaluation of federal housing programs.  

  • Renovation of public and senior housing: Many of our seniors and low-income population live in public housing that is crumbling. We need to renovate public housing as we build more to accommodate the poor and seniors. The old housing stock is gradually escalating to dangerous conditions as more fires are occurring putting the most vulnerable population in danger.

  • Fix Section 8 housing: Reduce bureaucracy and red tape so more families are able to get rental units quickly. Work on housing discrimination by landlords toward Section 8 recipients. Work on the allocation of subsidies for Section 8 using zip codes so that there are more options. In other words, giving Section 8 recipients the chance to relocate to the more advantaged neighborhoods would increase graduation rates, the chance of going to college, and reduce instances of having children early and ending up as single parents.