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Public Transportation

Transportation and Infrastructure

  • Local Infrastructure Allocation Consultation: I will have town hall listening sessions to get the most out of the infrastructure plan for our district. We need infrastructure upgrades (water, clean energy, and 21st-century internet) and to close funding gaps with federal support. Too often there has been no equity in the decision-making process, and we will not repeat the same mistakes again.

  • Prioritize Impoverished Communities: People have been hurt by the past infrastructure decisions. Those who live around I-81 in Syracuse experienced generational displacements. Rural communities have been defunded (until ARPA). Our urban and rural neighbors need better water pipes, 21st-century roads, and a reliable transportation system.

  • Promote walkability: Fund programs for municipalities to include sidewalks during road construction, especially in cash-strapped areas with dense populations. Often the federal government funds road construction but does not include sidewalks in the package, leaving municipalities to put the burden on local residents who are already struggling.